All That We Are…

…God wants it ALL.

While on my lunch break from work, I’m renewing my mind. Thinking on the things of God, reading devotionals and listening to the birds sing. Wondering just how much of myself can I give to God. All that comes to mind, whether it’s that “still small voice” or my own mind wanting a straight answer, I hear, “ALL.” What does giving ALL to God even look like? I’m such a simple person and as my life has changed over the past few months, I can see now how God has been working in every moment of my life to know what ALL is. 

Just a little testimony:

I accepted a supervisor position, filed for divorce, and have an apartment waiting for me to move into next month. All this happened just a couple months ago after I was fed up with my spiritual walk that was going unnoticeable. I was falling short of His glory way too much.  I’m a shy person and don’t like being put on the spot so I would turn down invites or do anything extra. Well, up untill the moment I got on my knees, repented for my sins (again) and told God, “here I am, use me for Your service…Abba Father.” It wasn’t until then, I really realized I had stopped giving MY ALL to God.

Next thing I know, I’m on a 40-day fast, which only turned into 30 days (lol) and the next week I was being offered a supervisor position. Instead of turning it down, I took it to  God and I asked God to build me up to stand and lead according to His will and for His glory. Now I’m this go-to person with most of the answers, attending department meetings and calming cranky callers. Yep, God really does want our all. But it’s not for us, whether we receive a title or not. He needs our all so that He can use us to be a blessing to others.

The following week, my husband and I agreed to divorce. I really didn’t know what I would do or if even it was the right decision. I couldn’t afford to be on my own, so I thought. I took it to God and asked that He make a way for me so that I wouldn’t need to depend anyone. I asked if it’s the right decision, show me. He provided me with unlimited overtime in this new position! Payday came and I paid for and filed the divorce. My husband told me, “you can’t afford to be on your own,” but what he forgot was I know a great God who supplies ALL our needs.

All this time, I’m studying everyday, praying and meditating on God’s word. Giving Him my all. I can feel burdens being lifted off me and so began to pray for others too! At this moment I knew, God really wanted ALL of me…ALL of the time.

In this process, I’ve learned patience, I have more Faith and Trust in God rather than people (as we should). I love more and forgive time and time again. My husband and I have gotten along this whole time, more so better then before our decision. Yet, God has me moving forward as I continue to give Him my all and I can’t allow anyone or anything to hold me back.

Now, I’m being called to volunteer at a Crisis prevention center. First thought was I’m not ready for that. Then quickly, I was praying, “Lord, if it be your will, here I am…Use me! So as finish up my lunch break and get back to work, I think I’ll call today regarding my decision to volunteer as I believe it will not only be a blessing to others but it’ll be a blessing to me too. Giving it my all…

Have you given your ALL to God lately? All that we are, God wants it all.


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