Understanding His Word

The more I’ve been able to study the word of God/Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior and I listen to the wise speak and get my beatings from only making the mistake and receiving whatever consequence it caused, if any. Reading my Bible inspires me to do unto others as I would have done unto me. Being able to help others as they have helped me and mine is a hope. I want to be able to give back in ways unimaginable. Expecting nothing in return. 

Learning how to really love another as Christ loves us has been quite the experience. Fallen, yet God is still holding my hand, leading me and guiding me through this land. Why do we constantly push God away and try to do EVERYTHING as if we’ve created our own beings? Yeah, it takes a lot to get it, for some. But it shouldn’t have to. We spend too much time worrying about the person on our left or right and what they will say about you. Really? C’mon people! It’s not about them but it’s about making it into the Kingdom of Heaven for yourself! So, it’s about GOD! Getting closer to Him…being more like Him. It’s just amazing!

Having the chance to watch so many young ones grow up has really caught my attention in the way I carry myself. How I react in certain situations. What they pick up throughout the day. We must constantly be aware of our surroundings. Causing us to constantly renew our minds and open our hearts. Treating a child as if they were your very own because you’d only hoped that whomever was caring for your child was treating them in the same manner. With love. I often reference the Bible’s definition of love in my writings because in my thoughts, that’s the love that inspires, especially in my writings. The book of Ephesians…lovely! First and Second Corinthians…splendid on how a wife/husband should treat each other and submit. Lovingly.

There are many of us in this world that really don’t understand the Bible. I grew up in a church home.  My father was a minister ever since I can remember. Although he tried his best to teach us the word of God, it didn’t really stick because I didn’t have that determination to understand.  We are spending a lot of our lives searching for answers, only once in a while getting the answer that’s true. Dig deep for yourself; no matter how long it takes. Ask all the questions you feel you need to, but don’t stray away from the Holy Book. The truth! It’s like a life guide for me as I’m able to apply those scriptures to my life wherever it applies.  The Holy Bible includes 66 books of interesting history that’s very hard to understand to some.  

With only one life to live, I thank God for the chance to finally understand his word.  I’m still learning and understanding so much each day of what it takes for me to give back to Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sins and rose again so that we may have everlasting life. In this book, it tells many stories and ways to survive a Christian walk.  We must keep fighting temptation. Satan is constantly trying to ruin it for us. Never forget that! But we shall always stomp him down into the deep hole where he and his world shall forever be in condemnation. I choose to love as Christ loves me, unconditionally. I choose to be as loving and kind, giving, passionate, sincere and not so quick to anger person.  If at any time I’m not being those things, God’s word reminds me. 

I’m praying for God to give us all patience and open our hearts to the truth. It’s taken a long time, it seems to me (my whole life), to really sit back and say, “OK, this has been for my own good” and apply that to my life and use it the next time and the next…and the next when I find myself struggling in certain situations. Prayer, meditation or constantly talking to God giving thanks for a life I don’t deserve. Yet, I share God’s goodness.  It’s almost like I must because I’ve been quiet too long and the more I allow words to flow the more joy it gives me to know I’m doing this for God.  

Ever feel as if there’s just something so BIG that you’re called to do in life? And you never mind doing it!  This joy, the joy I feel now, as I share my understanding of God’s word with many others, is a great feeling :). That’s how coming to understand the Bible feels for me. Try it! You’ll never be the same :).


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