God: The foundation of my relationship

As the days go on, I find it so uplifting being able to sit and talk to my honey about someone far more amazing than anyone else with whom I am so in love with…CHRIST! The way we have grown spiritually has been such a great thing that I want to share it with everyone. But, still keeping our relationship special :). Being spiritually connected is very important to me. Your relationship with anyone can’t really work spiritually unless you’re constantly renewing your mind and studying your Bible to show yourself approved. In doing this together, we remain grounded in biblical love (1 Corinthians 13). That’s the love which should overflow to others around us.

Many of us strive so hard to teach our children in the way they should go. Do we not remember the times we ourselves were children and what drove us away from wanting to understand and know whatever it was our parents were trying to instill in us? Always done out of love.  Be it all we knew was just because they went through it didn’t mean we’d go through it too. Often, we find out the hard way. For me to put my kids and their lives in the hands of God and allow him to finish the good works he started in them, I had to take a step back. We must always put our kids first in giving them and every situation to God. It’s like being pulled from a deck of cards – each of us special. God pulls us out and looks at us individually. He loves us each the same yet our relationship with him is different. In this relationship, we’ve chosen to keep God first and it’s been amazing. I pray that your personal relationship with God is the foundation of all your relationships.

*ImmaBme – PammyG*



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