Step Into Your Purpose

You’ve been through many struggles, and under sins attack; sins forgiven forever, no longer looking back.  Though you’ve had so much pain and sometimes felt you had nowhere to turn, God has been right there with you; he knows your every move. He hears you when you call. He see’s that your heart is pure as you’ve given it all to him. He’s guiding you into your purpose. Shaping and molding you.  Making you over again. You’ve put away childish things and it’s been a joy for you to share the joy of God with others. In your heart and with all your might you’ve given your life to Jesus because he gave his life for you. Accepting your calling to do works for the Lord changes your life completely; you’re never ever the same! Loving others freely and requiring nothing in return has others leaning towards the love of Jesus and praising his Holy name. Don’t stop here…you’ve stepped into your purpose.  Keep pressing your way. Allow the holy spirit to lead and guide you every step of the way (I pray). When  the Dear Lord calls you home with him, be prepared to rejoice forevermore as you hear the words of the KING, “your purpose is complete, well done my good and faithful servant…well done!”

**ImmaBme – PammyG**


The Power of Sincere Prayer: If It Be His Will

Over the past year I have had a lot of time to renew my mind with the Word of God.  Prior to this, I did not know I was just a confused child of God.  I’d start my day with prayer and would pray every now and then but that was always quick.  Never did I see it as “being ungrateful.” After a while, it just seemed like a routine I could lessen.  Shame on me.  A preachers kid…brought up in church…surrounded by prayer warriors.  I faded out prayer because I was hurting and felt God was punishing me.  So, in return, I wasn’t going to pray. Joke on me!

Slowly, and for days, every moment seemed miserable.  I honestly wanted to give up on life.  Until one day, while going through this unknown illness for almost a year (now diagnosed as Gastroparesis) put me on my knees in prayer.  I couldn’t eat or sleep and had just started a new job so I had no health insurance.  My relationship with those around me became affected. Yet, everyone was praying for me.  After a few days of my mom pleading and praying for me to come home,  I gave in.  I didn’t want to leave my honey and kids in another state just to get help; but, no help was being provided to me here in my own state. While at mom’s and around my family, I felt lost and loved at once. All I could do and wanted to do was pray – pray for change. I found myself often times alone reading the Bible and praying. I started reading inspirational books and found myself praying suggested prayers. My whole attitude started changing. Although this illness brought me way down, I started remembering what I read and was able to smile, even when I didn’t feel like it.

All I could do was pray.  Soon, my prayers became “thank you Jesus for dying for me for you went through far more than I ever will.”  When the pain is so bad, I pray sincerely for strength and God eases my pain. I know he doesn’t have to because it’s His will and never my own. It’s been a long road yet he still gives me breath.

Because of his unconditional love and the many letters in his Word, I know my God has a plan for me.  I’m like this different person now. All because I chose to sincerely pray for a closer walk with Jesus. I just want to love everybody the way God loves me! I shall continue to pray, without ceasing. I’ve always wanted God to use me for his service. When I became sincere doors began to open. I SMILE big now because here I am sharing with you which is something I’d never do.  My honey and I have been members of a local church for a little while now but God is truly using us to be a help to others.  We have the perfect church family :).

I pray God continues to use us together in doing His will.  I am a true believer in the power of sincere prayer! May your prayers to Him be sincere for he knows the desires of your heart, and your prayers will be answered, if it be HIS will.


At Birth: Just One of the Chosen

First girl born to a family of four, I had my days of being adorned. Chosen at birth to lead the way, fussing and fighting every day. In my mind i couldn’t understand how the chosen would be me. A sinner I am, I deserve nothing and just wanted to be. Headed to school, never really speaking to others, except to say “you’re welcome” to a “thank you” of a request to borrow a pen or pencil. Still, at that time, I was just one of the chosen brothers. Seeing things I’d dare not tell with terrible thoughts going through my head. Yet, I’m still just one of the chosen.  

Fighting hard to stay in school. Just to say I did it and got it in writing felt pretty cool. Hanging with the wrong crowd got me nowhere but in a fight against the law I could have avoided, I swear. Still, i’m just one of the chosen. Vowing to have children once I was married, took a wrong turn, yet still, I’m just one of the chosen. Devoted to being the best mom I could be, even when times came that this didn’t seem real to me. Chosen to lead you and guide you through love, unconditional, for the days to come; especially those days when you feel there is no light at the end. At birth, I was chosen just for you and whether you ever want to hear it or not, God has chosen you too :).


Understanding His Word

The more I’ve been able to study the word of God/Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior and I listen to the wise speak and get my beatings from only making the mistake and receiving whatever consequence it caused, if any. Reading my Bible inspires me to do unto others as I would have done unto me. Being able to help others as they have helped me and mine is a hope. I want to be able to give back in ways unimaginable. Expecting nothing in return. 

Learning how to really love another as Christ loves us has been quite the experience. Fallen, yet God is still holding my hand, leading me and guiding me through this land. Why do we constantly push God away and try to do EVERYTHING as if we’ve created our own beings? Yeah, it takes a lot to get it, for some. But it shouldn’t have to. We spend too much time worrying about the person on our left or right and what they will say about you. Really? C’mon people! It’s not about them but it’s about making it into the Kingdom of Heaven for yourself! So, it’s about GOD! Getting closer to Him…being more like Him. It’s just amazing!

Having the chance to watch so many young ones grow up has really caught my attention in the way I carry myself. How I react in certain situations. What they pick up throughout the day. We must constantly be aware of our surroundings. Causing us to constantly renew our minds and open our hearts. Treating a child as if they were your very own because you’d only hoped that whomever was caring for your child was treating them in the same manner. With love. I often reference the Bible’s definition of love in my writings because in my thoughts, that’s the love that inspires, especially in my writings. The book of Ephesians…lovely! First and Second Corinthians…splendid on how a wife/husband should treat each other and submit. Lovingly.

There are many of us in this world that really don’t understand the Bible. I grew up in a church home.  My father was a minister ever since I can remember. Although he tried his best to teach us the word of God, it didn’t really stick because I didn’t have that determination to understand.  We are spending a lot of our lives searching for answers, only once in a while getting the answer that’s true. Dig deep for yourself; no matter how long it takes. Ask all the questions you feel you need to, but don’t stray away from the Holy Book. The truth! It’s like a life guide for me as I’m able to apply those scriptures to my life wherever it applies.  The Holy Bible includes 66 books of interesting history that’s very hard to understand to some.  

With only one life to live, I thank God for the chance to finally understand his word.  I’m still learning and understanding so much each day of what it takes for me to give back to Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sins and rose again so that we may have everlasting life. In this book, it tells many stories and ways to survive a Christian walk.  We must keep fighting temptation. Satan is constantly trying to ruin it for us. Never forget that! But we shall always stomp him down into the deep hole where he and his world shall forever be in condemnation. I choose to love as Christ loves me, unconditionally. I choose to be as loving and kind, giving, passionate, sincere and not so quick to anger person.  If at any time I’m not being those things, God’s word reminds me. 

I’m praying for God to give us all patience and open our hearts to the truth. It’s taken a long time, it seems to me (my whole life), to really sit back and say, “OK, this has been for my own good” and apply that to my life and use it the next time and the next…and the next when I find myself struggling in certain situations. Prayer, meditation or constantly talking to God giving thanks for a life I don’t deserve. Yet, I share God’s goodness.  It’s almost like I must because I’ve been quiet too long and the more I allow words to flow the more joy it gives me to know I’m doing this for God.  

Ever feel as if there’s just something so BIG that you’re called to do in life? And you never mind doing it!  This joy, the joy I feel now, as I share my understanding of God’s word with many others, is a great feeling :). That’s how coming to understand the Bible feels for me. Try it! You’ll never be the same :).

God: The foundation of my relationship

As the days go on, I find it so uplifting being able to sit and talk to my honey about someone far more amazing than anyone else with whom I am so in love with…CHRIST! The way we have grown spiritually has been such a great thing that I want to share it with everyone. But, still keeping our relationship special :). Being spiritually connected is very important to me. Your relationship with anyone can’t really work spiritually unless you’re constantly renewing your mind and studying your Bible to show yourself approved. In doing this together, we remain grounded in biblical love (1 Corinthians 13). That’s the love which should overflow to others around us.

Many of us strive so hard to teach our children in the way they should go. Do we not remember the times we ourselves were children and what drove us away from wanting to understand and know whatever it was our parents were trying to instill in us? Always done out of love.  Be it all we knew was just because they went through it didn’t mean we’d go through it too. Often, we find out the hard way. For me to put my kids and their lives in the hands of God and allow him to finish the good works he started in them, I had to take a step back. We must always put our kids first in giving them and every situation to God. It’s like being pulled from a deck of cards – each of us special. God pulls us out and looks at us individually. He loves us each the same yet our relationship with him is different. In this relationship, we’ve chosen to keep God first and it’s been amazing. I pray that your personal relationship with God is the foundation of all your relationships.

*ImmaBme – PammyG*